Fitness with baby is the project created by mom for moms


Our calling is to make maternity leave of each mother easier, more beautiful and happier.

Original professional trainings holding your baby will help you to recover after childbirth and give physical development for your kid.

Moto! Pump up your booty — lull your baby!

We are launching fitness areas for moms and babies to give each mother an opportunity of save recovering after childbirth, supervised by coaches. Mother shouldn’t’t think who will take care of her baby, she can make workouts with kid (from 2 month). The more active mother is the more physical developed baby will be.

Mother is the first coach for her baby.

Also, there you will found postpartum recovery online programs. The team of doctors and specialists will help you. Any important information is available for you.

To be mother is the best reason to be beautiful and happy!

Maternity leave is the best time for self-developing, both: your body and realization. Distance course for co-training with baby instructors «Fitness mom + baby» will give you an opportunity to master a new profession and to carry the common massage — to help stay-at-home mothers.


Founders of the project


Dasha Ivanova

Daria Ivanova — certificated fitness trainer. FITNESS with BABY founder and chief.

«I am a logistics manager but I always had a feeling that it was not my calling, and I should have become the part of something bigger.

After giving a birth to my first baby I fully understood what was maternity leave and what difficulties could it bring for every mother. The lack of time and moral exhaustion in all spheres of life. That’s why I had a desire to make maternity leave for every mom remarkable and the happiest period in her life, because women imagine it exactly like this.

After giving a birth to my second child I got completed puzzle about my realization in my head. And I decided to create the thing I also would be needed. Thus the great project for moms with their children FITNESS with BABY was born.

In frames of development of the project I launched postpartum recovery online program “My fitness mother”, where I gathered brilliant doctors and specialists to help every mother.

After some period of time the first fitness studio for mothers with children Fitness with Baby Studio was opened, where I started practicing first original co-trainings Fitness with Baby. Not only mothers but also children and even fathers were felling in love with this project.

Passion to my workouts and positive feedback of my clients were growing every day. In that period the full awareness came to me, I should have scaled the project! And The First school of preparation of instructors of co-trainings “Fitness with baby” began.

In February 2021 a new fitness studio at the Left bank of Kiev 13. Elizaveta Chavdar St. began its work.

Our community is growing every day, and any of you can join our family».

«I am happy so much that you trust me and my company, and become the part of the huge project».


Ruslana Semenova

Ruslana Semenova — mother of two amazing boys: Adam (2,9 years) and Eric (7 months).

«They inspired me to create this studio — area, where mothers would be able to return their body after childbirth and improve their well-being without leaving a child.

Whet Adam was a couple of months, I had a great opportunity to attend the first studio of the project Fitness with Baby, and I got a felt all advantages of this project, which was created specially for moms. As a result when I moved to Poznyaky district Adam and I felt the lack of our trainings in studio and its original atmosphere. Time we spent there was priceless not only for me but also for my baby — during my trainings he was playing with another children under control of nanny, and could crawl to me at any time and we continued to train together.

I was trying to find analogue but couldn’t find fitness studio with the same space adopted for moms and kids as it was in the first studio Fitness with Baby.

That is why when my second baby was born I understood that I was not ready to wait and try to find alternative but I want to organize the same studio at Poznyaky district as fast as possible, project for moms who want to spend active, useful and full of pleasant emotions time with children».




Changing the adult’s way of life, we establish healthy habits for our children, because children take an example exactly from parents.

We are waiting for you in our fitness-area, because happy mother-happy baby! ❤️