Fitness with baby studio — is the only fitness format in Ukraine where all conditions are created for safe stay of mother and baby. This is the place for trainings where early postpartum period involving mom and her child are taken into account.

The uniqueness stems from original professional trainings: slim mother + baby from 2 to 9 months and fitness with toddler from 6 to 18 months.

FWB coaches — certified trainers who get their qualification in school Fitness with Baby. They know all features of training for women in the early postpartum period together with infant.

You can be the first woman in your city who will give an opportunity for moms in postpartum period to recover with a professional trainer without isolation from her baby. And, of course, you can carry the main massage of the project — to make life for stay-at-home moms easier, more beautiful and happier.

The franchise of our project gives you an opportunity to start your own business right now. If you buy our franchise you will save your time and money and will not start everything from scratch.

Get your ready business in sphere of healthcare, physical development for moms and their babies.

Open fitness area Fitness with Baby in your city!

In case you are inspired with our idea, come and enjoy it with us. Let more and more moms become happier during their maternity leave.


Who will be interested in our franchise?


  • If you are a stay-at-home mom and you are looking for your calling.
  • If you are a fitness trainer and want to expand your activities.
  • If you are a massagist, doctor or rehabilitogist and want to adopt a new practices.


In this case the franchise Fitness with Baby is suitable solution for you!


There are two formats of franchase


You receive:

Format 1

Format 2

  • Opportunity to operate under our brand Fitness with Baby 
  • Absolutely completed business model for launching and working of fitness studio under brand name Fitness with Baby studio
  • New profession and own business, also new experience and pleasure of your work which will unleash your potential
  • Package of intellectual property documents for starting a new business (CRM system, legal contracts, brand style, print, design, etc.)
  • You can become a co-training with baby instructor. Upon graduation you will get a certificate of trainer
  • Support at every step of launching a new business (assistance in searching a premises, stuff, counter, administrators, trainers)
  • You will be the official representative of the Fitness with baby project in your city or region
  • Full co-training with baby instructor education (4 certified trainers)
  • Business support on the website and in the social nets of the project. Assistance in attracting new clients
  • Training of instructors
  • Promotional materials and videos (designs, printing, social media promotion)
  • Advertising support on website, social nets
  • Business family (private meetings and chats with founders of the project and another franchising partners for sharing experience and improving professional skills, qualification)
  • Assistance in attraction of clients
  • Brand clothes and goods supply


Franchise terms
Lump-sum payment 590$ 4990$
Investments to launch (open studio) From 100 $ From 4000 $
Profit From 300$ From 2000 $
Payback periods From 3 months From 9-12  months


Leave your contacts in our form to get payback calculation in your city