The new development «Fitness with baby» is becoming more and more popular among different cities every year. Managers of fitness centers, fitness clubs, developing children centers who are interested in holding trainings for moms «Fitness with baby» in their centers. This profession is demanded, but unfortunately we have just a few trainers at the moment in this field.


For whom this course is suitable?


Educational program for instructor of «Fitness with baby» is suitable for acting coaches, who want to start a new development to increase the audience of its clients and work with women in postpartum period.

Also the program will be suitable for everyone interested who want to get a professional education in this field, and get a new profession, become a specialist in this sphere. The accent of the course is to help mother in her recovery after childbirth with the help of trainings and physical development of baby, where child is involved as a weighting agent.

During educational process you will get all necessary knowledge, skills, and practice for holding a classes «Fitness with baby» in your region or city. After you finish the distance course, perform practical tasks, and pass the final exam you will be given a certificate from school FITNESS with BABY, which will provide you with possibilities to hold trainings in this wave.


The course program


Module 1: The methodology of conducting classes with physical trainings «Fitness with baby».

In this module you will get know about postpartum woman condition:

  1. When can you start going in for sport?
  2. Age features of physical development of children from birth to 3 years.
  3. Types of physical trainings during co-trainings «Fitness with baby».
  4. About breastfeeding and physical trainings.
  5. Diastase.

Module 2: The methodology of physical trainings «Fitness with baby».

The practical part where you will get know:

  1. About main muscles of human body.
  2. Practical exercises holding your baby.
  3. You will get video-instruction about:
  • position of baby during trainings;
  • warm-up and stretching holding your baby;
  • physical trainings «Fitness with baby»;
  • how to detect the diastase;
  • safe workouts with diastase;
  • the scheme of structure of full co-training «Fitness with baby».


Module 3: Specifications of holding the training «Fitness with baby».

  1. Safety regulations during classes «Fitness with baby»
  2. Influence from classes «Fitness with baby» for mom and baby.
  3. Correction of problems with health.
  4. First aid.
  5. How trainer should act in conflict situations during classes.
  6. The list of traumatic exercises etc.

Module 4: Structure and types of classes «Fitness with baby».

  1. Structure of classes «Fitness with baby»
  2. Trainings «Fitness with baby» and its types.
  3. Recommendations for coach how to make strength exercises of client more effective.
  4. Musical accompaniment during classes «Fitness with baby»
  5. Schemes of conducting the classes.


How is the process of education?


  1. Fill out the student’s form.
  2. Make a payment. The course price is 199$. Step-by-step payment is possible. You can make payment from any part of world.
  3. After payment the full educational course will be sent to your mail. The curator is assigned to you who will get: home task, practical video, examination. If you get some difficulties during education, you can always ask your curator.
  4. You determine your time of education yourself. The average period of education is 14 days.
  5. Graduation. After your successful passing the exam, practical part, and final test you get your certificate from school FITNESS with BABY, and it will give you an opportunity to work in this sphere.


Listen to yourself and make the important decision today, become part of our team of professionals!